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Discover The Average Size of a Penis And How To Increase Penis Size

What is the average size of penis? It's a question all men have asked at least once in their lives (or more).

If you want to discover the average size of penis then you're not alone.

But what is “normal” for guys when it comes to the average size of a penis? Well I did the research for you with my findings below.

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What is the Average Size of Penis?

Average Penis SizeThe average size of a penis takes into account genetics.

It's a fact; men of African origin have a larger penis compared with men of Asian origin. However the size of a lady's vagina is proportionally sized according to ancestral origin too. 

To discover the average size of a penis I had to take into account the following factors: 

 All races and ancestral types were included

 All ages above 18 years old were considered

 Penis measurements were on the top side of the penis from pubic bone to penis tip

The result will surprise many; there's a lot of false information on the web. My results indicated the average size of a penis is…

Average size of a male penis is 5.1 inches (when erect)

Yes really! I know 5.1 inches seems small. I've had readers ask for confirmation of the figure for the 5 years I have had this site.

An example of the messages I've received can be read below:

“I would like to say this made my day. I had a partner that had an affair while we were not officially together and it hurt me badly. The first thing I asked, besides was she protected, was his penis bigger than mine.

She said "yeah" and that hurt me to my core. She then qualified it with that I am a better lover and that she feels more for me.

I was self conscious about that for awhile and other chicks I had sex with said my size was really nice. I didn't believe them, but this post gives them credence.

My penis is 2 inches diameter and 6 inches long. According to your post that's doing well for myself. I guess I feel better, but who doesn't want to be Extraordinary?

What Should I Do Now?

The reason guys end on my What Is The Average Size Of A Penis site is to discover the average size of penis and solutions to other penile problems.

In America 30 million men right now suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction including:

 The penis doesn't become erect

 The penis doesn't become erect enough for penetration

 The erection doesn't last for the entire sexual encounter

 Poor ejaculate volume

 Not enough sensitivity on climax

Finding A Penis Exercise Program That WORKS

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I spent $1000's trying to find a solution. I had no luck and was just about to give up, thinking…
“It must be me, I am just a failure”

But then when I was at my lowest point…I got lucky.


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What Is The Average Size Of A Penis


What Is The Average Size Of A Penis