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From:  John Helios

To:  Anyone unhappy with the size of their penis

Dear Frustrated Friend

You’re unhappy about the size of your penis

Your sex life is a damp squib or you can’t satisfy your lover with your “little man”.

First of all…..

You’re not alone

Millions of men never fully achieve the sexual heights they are capable of and go through life unfulfilled

In fact – they are not even aware there is a solution

The reason is they don’t think that they can do anything about it and they are close minded.

Today I want to invite you to free yourself from an unhappy sex life, to have confidence in the bedroom and have the knowledge that you can satisfy your partner over and over again.

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Hi my name is John Helios

Only last year I was unable to satisfy my lovely wife with my small penis. I was frustrated, she tried to understand but I didn’t feel like a real man and was unhappy.

I couldn’t please my wife with my tiny dick

I tried male enhancement pills, creams, gels and all these other male enhancement products. Nothing worked I felt like I wasn’t a real man. I had a soul destroying feeling.

I felt doomed to go through life unable to properly unable to “fulfil my marital obligation”. I believed I would never be able to give my wife the sexual gratification she deserved.

Life just didn’t seem fair. I admit I was even a little angry.

"Then the Andropenis entered my life….."

It was suggested to me by a friend who had great success and inceased the size of his penis in both length and girth.

I was as you can imagine a little sceptical

I had tried all these different male enhancement products that hadn’t worked:-

  • Male enhancement pills
  • Enhancement Gels
  • Topical Creams
  • Penis Pumps
  • Other penis extenders

Why should I try another product that I was sure it wouldn’t work?

I looked at my wife one day and saw her for all her beauty, her understanding and I felt guilty…….

… could I be so selfish?

If it meant trying another product that may give me a bigger penis and be able to satisfy her sexually then I should just shut up and try it.

I decided to give the Andropenis a whirl. What the heck it was worth the slim chance that it just might work. But to be honest I really didn’t hold out much hope.

“Oh My God the Andropenis Is Awsome”

I have nothing but praise to my friend Matt for introducing me to the wonderful world of the Andropenis…… penis is now way bigger.

I was already to give up and go through life knowing I had a second-rate love life.

You see size does really matter what ever you wife tries to say. If I wanted to have hot and horny sex with my sweet, loving and foxy wife then I owed it to her to try anything to get a bigger penis.

Using the Andropenis was an eye opening experience I was able to get a bigger penis in both length and girth just by following the Andropenis simple instructions.

My wife is so happy that I am now able to fill her totally and she moans with delight when I use my little man with all the confidence given to me because of the Andropenis.

I would like to introduce you to the …..


The Andropenis so easy to use

The Andropenis so easy to use

You’ll discover

  • The delights of a thicker penis
  • The wonder of having a penis at least 1.5 inches bigger
  • The confidence of knowing you can satisfy your partner
  • The ability to fully fill your partner totally
  • Simply being able to enjoy the smile of your partner after giving them the great sex time and again

OK John, Show Me How the Way to A Bigger Penis

The Long Term Effects Are Astonishing

I was able to add 1.6 inches to the size of my penis

I also gained more than half an inch in the girth of my penis

It was amazing really because that was exactly the increase in penis size dimensions that they said I could achieve on their own website.

I mean I was truly flabbergasted that a male enhancement product had worked.

The new increased size of my penis gave me so much more confidence that people started to notice the way I seemed so much self assured in day to day life.

I guess being confident in your manhood is noticeable to everyone.

The Andropenis truly made my life so much more enjoyable in every aspect as I was now so happy.

I can’t even begin to describe how “overjoyed” my wife was by my new confidence and my new found sexual ability.

If you buy the Andropenis you too will discover

  • How a thicker penis satisfies a women
  • How a longer penis makes you feel like a true man
  • How a bigger penis gives you more confidence in your everyday life
  • The delight of a partner when you can truly fill them
  • The way a porn star feels with their large male members
  • How you now don’t mind going into those communal showers after you have participated in a sports event with your team.
  • Being able to look in a mirror naked any knowing “you’re the man”
  • The knowledge of just knowing that you can always have great sex

If you want all of the above and so much more

…..then you just need to think Andropenis….once you have tried the Andropenis and achieved amazing results….you will thank me and you life will never be the same again…….and that’s a promise.

OK John, What’s This Going To Cost Me?

Let me tell you….. a lot less than its worth.

How can you put a price on a bigger penis in both length and girth and knowing that you can satisfy your partner with renewed vigour?

What would you pay to get a bigger penis to fulfil your partner sexually every time you enter the bedroom?

With other male enhancement products such as male enhancement pills such a Volume Pills you will pay over $350 for a 12 month supply

…………and they don’t even work!

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Usually the Andropenis cost an very reasonable US$500

I bought the Andropenis for $500 and it was worth every penny.

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The makers of the Andropenis will give you your money back if within two months of use you are unsatisfied with the level of penis enlargement.

The makers of Andropenis offer a one year’s manufacturer’s guarantee as it is such a high quality product.

Respected urologists worldwide have conducted studies to prove that the Andropenis has an efficiency rating of 97.5%.

The Andropenis complies with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products.

The Andropenis possesses as CE Certification which classifies it as a class one medical device which means it does not cause any short of long term side effects.

"Sex you have dreamed about can become reality"

Just imagine coming home to your sexy partner after a long day at work.

You see you partner and you think “wow she looks extremely hot tonight”.

Then you feel a little stirring in your loins

You smile to yourself because you know your packing a very large cock

You partner picks up on your thoughts and smiles that smile that is just for you and you alone.

You both know your thinking the same thing

You make you way to her and you start to fool around on the couch.

She unzips your fly and puts her slips her hand in and you both look at each other and smile because her hand cannot hold the entire huge dick you are soon going to pleasure her with.

What man doesn’t dream about that scenario?

It no longer has to be a dream. Ultimate satisfaction is only one click away.

The Andropenis changed my life and it can change yours too.

I can’t wait to hear about the astonishing results you will get with the Andropenis.

My life will never be the same again.

..and that’s in a very very good way

To you and your partners ultimate satisfaction.

John Helios

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