Rate My Penis | Discover Average Penis Size

Rate My Penis – Discover Average Penis Size And How Your Penis Rates

If you're thinking "how to rate my penis"? Then today discover average penis size and how you stack up.

Average penis size is still an issue in this day and age even with easy access to data on the web. It seems men still don't know the average penis size.


Here we will give you the means to "rate my penis".

The average man is consciously or unconsciously thinking if he stacks up compared to average penis size on a weekly basis.

Man's fascination with his own member begins early and stays with  him throughout his life.


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Men like to joke about women; how they're fascinated by the size of their butts. Men are often more obsessed about their penis size.


Average Penis Size, Self-Worth And How To Rate My Penis

Men and women feel low self-worth during times of self doubt. Or when they are feeling slightly depressed. Bum or penis doubt may be an extension of low self-worth. We will try and help you "rate my penis".

Remember though to get the whole size issue into perspective literally.


The angle the man looks at his penis makes it look smaller than it actually is.


So when you do see another man’s penis you're not seeing the shortening effect. This means another man’s cock looks way larger than yours when it may not be.

Below we  give you standard practices so you can "rate my penis" against average penis size.


How to Properly Measure the Size Of Your Penis

The standard for measuring the penis is to measure on the upper side of the penis from the pelvic bone to penis tip. I'm sorry to say including theRate My Penis testicles is cheating.

If you want a more accurate measurement please record your size at different times and then take an average.   To measure the girth to compare your size.


Take a piece of string and wrap it around your penis once and mark the spot where it first touches itself.

Then lay this string against a measure and record the result. Remembering to do this a couple of times and taking the average.


The results for average men are as follows:-

For a flaccid penis – length of the penis is 3.5 inches and the diameter is 1.25 inches

For an erect penis – length of the penis is 5.1 inches and the diameter is 1.6 inches.


There is built in compensation. Those men with a smaller penis in a flaccid state will find that their penis will be the same size as the next man when erect. Due to better volume increase on becoming erect.



How To Measure Your Testicles

Measuring the testicles is the next step. Measure the length and width of your testes with fabric tape or use the string method explained earlier.

The male average measurement will give results of 1.4 inches in length to 1.0 inches wide.


Here are some more interesting facts the average weight of testicles is 0.875 x 1.75 ounces and average temperature within the testes is 94.6 degrees Fahrenheit in normal males.



Rate My Penis – Chances Are You're In The Average Penis Size Range

The chances are your penis is within normal parameters. If you penis is 5 to 6 inches in length and your girth is between 1.3 and 1.8 inches.

Your penis would rate within normal range when erect.   If after reading this article you still believe your penis to be the wrong size. We suggest that you go and see you doctor.


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  1. byron says

    I would like to say this made my day. I had a partner that had an affair while we were not officially together and it hurt me badly. The first thing I asked, besides was she protected, was penis his bigger than mine. She said yeah and that hurt me to my core. She qualified it with that I am a better lover and that she feels more of me. I was self conscious about that for awhile and other chicks I had sex with said my size was really nice. I didn't believe them, but this post gives them credence. My penis is 2in diameter (I touch finger tips barely) and 7in long. According to your post that's doing well for myself. I guess I feel better, but who doesn't want to be Extraordinary?

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