Free Penis Exercises | Fast Simple Tips To Increase Penis Performance

Free Penis Exercises | Fast Easy Tips To Increase Penis Size

Looking for free penis exercises to increase penis performance?Free Penis Exercises

Well before we start your free penis exercises guide. It must be noted having plenty of sex can increase penis performance.

Plus as a bonuses will make you happier too. Sexual gratification is one of the keys to cheerfulness.


To increase your penis performance quicker. Give you  thicker, firmer and longer lasting erections we're going to learn some free penis exercises today.

It is about exercising the pubococcygeus muscle. The easiest way to exercise the pubococcygeus muscle is with pelvic floor exercises. It's the pubococcygeus (pelvic floor) muscle that supports the penis.


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Locating The Pubococcygeus Muscle For Free Penis Exercises

If you're going to successfully maximise the exercise of the pubococcygeus muscle leading to an increase in penis performance you need to determine where the muscle is..


The easiest to locate the muscle is to stop your urine flow the next time you pee. This will cause an involuntary flexing of the pubococcygeus muscle.

This is the muscle we will discover how to exercise in our free penile exercises guide.


The Benefits Of Exercising The Pubococcygeus Muscle

NoteExercising the pubococcygeus muscle as part of a daily routine has many benefits. Above and beyond improving your penis performance including:


 Improved blood flow to the penis for thicker, firmer and longer erections.

 More powerful and intense orgasm

 More control in your penile ability leading to greater self-confidence over ejaculation.

 Overcome the effect of peyronie’s disease (help improve the angle of the erection)


The Free Penis Exercises And To Increase Penis Performance

These exercises can be done at any time of the day anywhere. Due to the fact no-one will know you're doing them. The key is to find a time you will remember to do them daily on a daily basis.

Practice makes perfect. You can do them sitting, standing or lying down.


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The Actual Free Penis Exercises

The object of the free penis exercises is to squeeze and release the muscle 15 times in on repetition. The extra tip is not to hold the contraction just to squeeze and release (wax on – wax off).


The Daily Free Penis Exercises Regime

The best way to start is to twice a day do a set of 15. The object of this program is to focus on squeezing the pelvic floor muscle not the stomach or thighs.

It 's a case of practice leading to better performance (it has been noted that sucking one’s thumb may help).

When you are starting to feel comfortable. Start to build up the number you do in a set gradually until you can do 50 at a time.


On reaching 50. You can then kick things up a notch. By holding each contraction to the count of three before releasing. The tip is still to build up to this stage gradually.

These free penis exercises have been proven to work. But it takes time. It may take as long as 6 weeks before you reap the benefits of your hard work. Be rest assured it will make a positive impact on your life. You will b able to:




The Scientific Evidence Of Free Penile Exercises

Tests have been done on this exercise regime and its benefits were compared to taking Viagra. In the study at The University of Cologne by Urologist professor Frank Sommer.

Over 80% of the study group found exercise helped while in a similar study only 74% of men said Viagra helped their  penile performance


Free Penis Exercises – A Conclusion

These free penis exercises aid your erection.  Eating a balanced diet and regular exercise will also help your body and increase penile performance.

The erection is all about blood flow to the two chambers in the scrotum. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to help blood circulation.


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 No pills No surgery


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  1. Neels says

    How and where must you hold your penis to squeeze it. If you can reply on my e-mail

  2. Ben Fellow says

    I am 6.3ft tall but have a dick of 4.5" long and its very thick, and my problem alone is the length right now. Please how can i do exercise to achieve this without drugs.

  3. wondering??? says

    No one can tell me that a longer penis wouldn't make a man feel better?
    and the sensation would be alot better,
    Ive had sex with a few woman,
    but it was never anything good,
    Id like to find out how to have a longer penis,
    Mine is just at 6 inch's
    and I dont like it,
    Plus Ive had two hypospadias surgerys to correct the problem to no avail,

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