The Benefits of Masturbation

Why Do People Masturbate?

Masturbation is still considered by many to be taboo. It is something that a majority of people do; the figures revealed by Alfred Kinsey in his 15 year study back in the 1940’s and 1950’s reported that 95% of males and 60% of females had masturbated.

The question then why is it not a subject that is more openly discussed?


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One of many reasons is the influence of faith that historically stated that masturbation is a sin. This belief has left a stigma attached to masturbation that continues to the present day.

This article will hopefully allow people to appreciate the positive aspects that come about from self-loving.


There are many good reasons to masturbate the following listed are some of the most popular:


1. To experience pleasure

This may see simplistic and an obvious conclusion. The definition of masturbation is the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. The sooner you can accept that the more fun you can have.


2. To relieve tension (sexual tension or general tension)Benefits of Masturbation

Yes it happens you may go a while (up to the individual) without intercourse for one reason or another. It can lead to becoming irritable.

It may not be a replacement for sex but masturbation can at least alleviate the tension for a while. It has been proven to also relieve general tension by releasing endorphins into the body.


3. To relax
Masturbation can help with stress. The release of chemicals that come from reaching orgasm include endorphins that have been shown to have a calming influence on the body. The rhythm of masturbation can also have beneficial effects.


4. To learn about what feels good and how to be stimulated or pleasured

Self-loving can be a voyage of discovery. It allows an individual to experiment and discover what feels good to them. This maybe done by one self or through mutual masturbation; either way masturbation can increase awareness that ultimately leads to greater pleasure.
If you learn through masturbation what turns you on you can relate it to a partner and that can lead to better sex.


In conclusion

Masturbation has many advantages and should be more openly discussed in society as the positives gained from regular self-love has proven medical benefits.

The idea of masturbation should be embraced and leads to a better sex life for you and you partner.


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Self-Pleasure Can Benefit A Couple's Sex Life

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