Best Male Masturbator Reviews | What's The Word's #1 Male Masturbator?

The Top Three Best Male Masturbators In The World

Best male masturbators reviews survey took place following extensive testing and a detailed analysis courtesy of our sex toy Best Male Masturbator Reviewssuppliers Adam & Eve.

The participants of the survey were men aged from 18-60+ years of age.

The males involved were of all races so the results benefited all men. There were a few surprises with the third best in our best male masturbator reviews being the cheapest.


Note: best male masturbator reviews results were taken from a cross section of ordinary Joe's' like you and I.


The 40 most popular male masturbators were tested by at least 50 participants who completed an extensive 50 part questionnaire.

The results were computed to get a balanced fair assessment.


Did you know that 25% of men in the USA own at least one male masturbator? And this percentage increases daily.

Each of the male masturbators reviewed was given a score out of 100 based on the survey results.


Our #3 Rated In Our Best Male Masturbator Reviews

The UR3 Ass Palm Pal

UR3 Ass Palm Pal ReviewUR3 Ass Palm Pal

Score was 72/100

This great all rounder scored high marks despite being the small fee of $14.95


The UR3 was a hit with the men who tried this little beauty. The big draw of the $14.95 male masturbator was it felt realistic, tight and stretchy. Superior to getting a real blowjob…

This masturbator is made from UR3 Ultra Realistic material a patented substance causing waves in the sex toy industry for its life-like feel.


The material is accommodating stretching to fit men of any size.

When you slip your cock into this beauty it's like a mouth hungry for cock.


Don't listen to us! Here is what one native of Chicago had to say……

Robert, 35 from Chicago, Illinois said:


"This sex toy felt good, you can feel it suck your penis in. It feels like a real mouth and when inside it gets you rock hard.

"This sex toy felt good, you can feel it suck your penis in. It feels like a real mouth and when inside it gets you rock hard.

I don't think I've spurted quite so hard in a while. Hell with this thing I won't have to do the washing-up any more to get sexual favors from the wife  ".


Ease Of Use

The UR3 Ass Palm Pal is easy to take care of and use. It's compatible with all water-based sex lubes plus simple to clean after use.

You just need soap and water plus it's easily rinsed with its open-ended design.

The UR3 Ass Palm Pal is a male masturbator perfect for individuals and couples alike.


The way UR3 Ass Palm Pal swallows a man’s cock makes for a snug fit.

Imagine having stimulation superior to the best blow-job you've ever had! You'll be shooting your load more powerfully than you ever believed possible.


…….and all for $14.95!

Want A Masturbator That Feels Superior To A $1000 Blowjob?

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Our #2 Rated In Our Best Male Masturbator Reviews

 The Super Head Honcho Masturbator


The Score Was 80/100   

Super Head Honcho Masturbator


This new to the market masturbator has gotten the sex toy trade talking and is only $27.95 (Was $29.95)

The Super Head Honcho Masturbator is a deserved second in our countdown to the best male masturbator reviews. A lot of very satisfied testers loved this toy.

Since The Super Head Honcho Masturbator hit the market it's been popular toy for women to buy their male partners.The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.


The reason The Super Head Honcho Masturbator scores so highly is the triple sucking sensation inside the radically designed chamber.

The Super Head Honcho is made from silicone allowing for a highly elastic detailed pussy sleeve. The raised bumps inside were designed after months of testing.

This male masturbator is a sex toy industry best-seller.


Franklin from Springfield, Kentucky said this about The Super Head Honcho Masturbator:


"This think freakin' rocks. I have to admit it was five inches of pure loving! Those little grooves inside were dynamite. Being able to see my cock thrust in and out of this puppy was the icing on the cake.

The Head Honcho has a 5 inch shaft full of delicious little bumps delivering sensational strokes on every spine tingling thrust.

For the price of a pitcher of beer any man can have a lot of fun with The Super Head Honcho Masturbator only $27.95"

Are Your Ready For Unbelievable Orgasms Feeling Stupidly Good?

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And Finally The best male masturbator reviews world best masturbator is…


Our #1 Rated In Our Best Male Masturbato Reviews

Belladonna's Pocket Pussy

Belladonna's Pocket PussyBelladonna's Pocket Pussy Review

The Score was an barely believable 93/100  


Belladonna's Pocket Pussy Review

Why is the Belladonna's Pockey Pussy so popular?

The reason men chose Belladonna's Pocket Pussy in our best male masturbator reviews were for the following reasons:


 Perfect internal ribbing

 It's 5” deep for pure loving

 Some men tested could even last a minute it was so pleasurable

 Perfect for long and/or lonely trips away

 Looks and feels super realistic


The Belladonna Pocket Pussy delivers unsurpassed orgasms. In the best male masturbators reviews it scored highest for ease of use and feeling.

Men reported the Belladonna Pocket Pussy heated up to body temperature quickly. Giving the most life-like feeling of all male masturbators tested.


It was obvious straight away men in the test believed this toy to be the best male masturbator by far.


Like Doing It With Belladonna Herself!

Like Doing Belladonna For Real!

Imagine what it would be like to have sex with one the hottest wildest porn stars night after night.

Imagine being the star of your own porn film with Belladonna.


Here's what Belladonna has to say about the Belladonna Pocket Pussy:


“Ever wondered what it would be like to bone me? Now you can screw me in the nastiest ways! Pull open my puffy lips and sink your pole into this exact replica of my hot box.

They molded it right from my body, so it’ll feel just like you’re buried deep inside me!” 6” stroker made with life-like UR3 skin“


“You know how I love toys, and that there’s nothing I won’t do for dick! So I bent over and used my fingers to spread my horny pussy and ass wide and made a perfect replica just for you!

Every detail is true to life – from my puffy pink pussy lips to my dirty little pucker. And since I used the ultimate in ultra-realistic skin, it’ll feel just like you’re right here inside me!”


All you do is slide you cock into Belladonna’s Pocket Pussy to feel squeezed by the exquisite tightness. The Pocket Pussy has some weight to it making it feel extra real.


Donald from Scottsdale, Arizona said this about the Belladonna Extreme Pussy & Ass:


"I amazed how a sex toy can feel this realistic. Design is important to any successful toy and Belladonna's Pocket Pussy is VERY REALISTIC and easy to clean.

I use just the right amount water based lube because overly applying may result in too much noise when attempting strokes. The suction effect is astonishing.

The results from using this toy I can affirm is LIKE THE REAL THING. I would recommend this product heartily!"


Want a lifelike pussy sleeve? Then Belladonna's Pocket Pussy is the one all your contemporaries recommend.

Thousands of men have already doubled, tripled and quadrupled their masturbation pleasure. Now, you can join them for one, simple investment of only $24.95.

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